About Surveys

Shoorah is a fresh and comprehensive wellbeing app that helps you support your mental health and nourish your wellbeing through a range of wellness tools. It’s a place for you to look after YOU.

What This Feature offers?

Shoorah’ s survey feature allows business admins to create and manage surveys easily. This feature enables users to design custom surveys with various questions, multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions. The survey feature also includes powerful Ai driven solution button to help understand the results and the analytics tools that provide insights into survey responses, helping users make data-driven decisions. Additionally, the feature enables users to export survey data for further analysis and integrates with other tools for a seamless workflow. Overall, the survey feature is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to gather feedback and gain valuable insights from their employees.

What is an Employee Survey tool in the workplace and why use one?

Organisations of different shapes and sizes, but specifically those who have a larger / diverse and hybrid workplace need to keep a pulse on Employee satisfaction & experience in the workplace. Managing this in just day to day one-ones, meetings is challenging so therefore being able to survey your people consistently using digital surveys allows businesses to keep their finger on the pulse, spot any pending people / business issues and address them accordingly. Shoorah B2B Dashboard offers customizable surveys, which can be sent direct to the users via, In-App notification, On-Screen pop up and Email all with a click of a button. All survey stats and data is securely calculated and placed in your enriched data dashboard.
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