About Shoorah

Shoorah is a fresh and comprehensive wellbeing app that helps you support your mental health and nourish your wellbeing through a range of wellness tools. It’s a place for you to look after YOU.

Join the Shoorah community to lift your mood, improve your sleep, feel more calm, boost your energy, manage anxiety, reduce stress and create more joyful moments in your life..

Shoorah is for the mind, body and soul. It allows you to hold your wellness in your hands and access transformational wellbeing tools wherever you are, whether its meditation, breathwork, journalling, ‘cleansing’, creating affirmations, or practicing gratitude.
This app is perfect for everyone, no matter where you are on your wellbeing journey.
Whether you know what you ‘should’ be doing but simply don’t have the time, tor whether you’re embarking on your journey of self-discovery for the first time, Shoorah is here to help.
Shoorah provides a simple, on the go tool to keep you on track & abundant, making it easier to prioritise your mental health without having to create more hours in the day.
Shoorah was created by industry leading experts, and all of its tools and techniques are tried and tested, and used daily by the team behind the app.
We want to help people reach their optimum state, find a sense of peace and flow in their lives and celebrate joyful Shoorah moments regularly.
Shoorah is the ultimate self-work mobile app to build the life you desire…..let’s get started.
Key features of the app include: 


From sleep sounds to meditations to mindfulness practices, Shoorah will help you relax, rewind and reset, with all features designed and delivered by our Shoorah experts. 


From daily ‘Shoorah’ affirmations designed to uplift, inspire and motivate, to practising the art of gratitude, or using our ‘cleanse’ feature to clear unwanted feelings from your life we can help you feel more calm and relaxed. Whether you’re a seasoned journalling advocate or you’ve never tried it, this feature will teach and guide you on the process and the benefits.


This is a place to create positive and helpful beneficial ‘rituals’ to build a daily routine for yourself, of simple but transformational habits, that will help you feel your best. 


Here you will find blogs and mini pods shared by our wise and experienced Shoorah experts, who will provide their expertise on mindset, meditation, breath work, sleep, relationships and so much more.
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