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Building a mentally healthy workforce
for a brighter future of work.

Building a mentally healthy
workforce for a brighter
future of work.

Your Industry-Leading Partner for Elevating Workplace Productivity,
Engagement, & Well-being.

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When your employees thrive,
so does your entire organisation

Transformative tools to support
the mental wellbeing of
your employees.

Empowering your employees with engaging, culturally relevant, and diverse mental health practices for lasting transformation.

  • Mindful meditations & journaling

  • Breathwork & sleep support

  • Goal-setting & affirmations

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An intuitive platform to provide
in-depth insights into
employee wellbeing.

Effortlessly prioritise mental well-being today
with our enterprise-level tools and resources,
allowing you to concentrate on the future.

  • Comprehensive business dashboard

  • Data trends & analysis

  • Valuable measures of success and progress

Delivering progressive and
dynamic business

Shoorah Science delivers results that matter,
combining robust evidence with meaningful insights to support your employees' mental health.

  • Builds closer connections & stronger working relationships

  • Boost productivity & business output

  • Increased revenue & business success

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Powerful surveys for obtaining
in-depth insights into
employee wellbeing.

Leverage enterprise-level analytics and data trends to inform decision-making and priortise mental-health in your organisation.

  • Customisable surveys

  • Enterprise-level analytics

  • Actionable insights

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